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Surfer's are often minimalistic in nature, but there are still a few small essentials to have at all times. Item's like surf wax, a wax comb, a fin key, and extra leash tether, maybe another bar of wax. These items can be trickey to keep track of, and that wax, well it doesn't like being in the hot car. In fact it'll melt if it gets too hot. Have you ever had wax melt into carpet or on your dash? Not cool, wax, not cool at all. This is why we made our first wax wallets years ago, and we've been using them ever since.


Made with high quality materials right here at the Drift Garage in Tofino. 


Velcro closure, two pockets - one for wax, one for accessories, binded edges for durability, heavyweight electric blue thread for strength and style, subtle Drift branding tag.




Surf Wallet