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Ever tried body surfing? It's one of the purest forms of surfing out there. Just grab your Drift handplane, go jump in the ocean and swim in the waves. Smiles are sure to follow. 


  • Using upcycled materials, mainly locally sourced cedar
  • Measuring roughly 9.5" - 10.5" long and 6.25" - 7.5" at it's widest, our handplanes are individualy shaped and meant to be easy on your shoulders.
  • They are compact and easily fit in to any pack for long or short travels. 
  • Wide hand strap to avoid pressure points on the top of your hand while gliding 


We recommend using swim fins, but some of us like to go with just the handplane.


**Pre-Order Details**

When you place a pre-order we require the width of your hand (along the knuckles) for proper strap placement. Straps are secured with stainless steel screws and can be adjusted by you if it doesn't feel comfortable on your hand.

Drift Mfg Handplane - Hand shaped in Tofino

Ready to ship in 4 to 6 weeks from order date.