Born out of salty hair,

wind-beaten clothing,

and worn, cracked hands.

We are makers of utility.

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We specialize in surf accessories, natural surf wax, canvas waxing, fiberglass and custom fabrication to make your life easier.


From our High Tide Surf Mat that gets you in and out of your wetsuit faster to our ultra-sticky handmade Surf Wax, we make it all. We also offer custom fabrication like our Motorcycle Surfboard Rack or specialty sewing of waxed canvas Shop Aprons and Canvas Tool Rolls. 


We can be found every Saturday at the Tofino Market, between 10-2pm  from May until October.

Make it your own
Dirft Mfg Co's hand shaped single fin, bees wax natural Surf Wax and our patched wax wallet or carrying your surfwax and fin keys


We believe in quality over quantity. Everything we craft is thoughtfully designed to make life easier, giving us more time in the water, on two wheels and working on projects.

Tofino is a small Canadian surf town with a reputation for wild nature, wild weather and rad people. Surfing, motorcycles, crafting and exploring this amazing part of the world are a few of the things that get us stoked. Oh, and beer... and ice cream.


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We're probably out surfing or riding so if you have any questions, or would like us to make you something custom, just let us know!

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